Ronald and Miki (Ronald's Design Salon)

Guest Lecturer at Dutch Designer Ronald’s Design Salon

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Miki Dai was glad to have taken part in the Trans-disciplinary Design course created by Dutch Designer Ronald van de Cappelle in March 2020 in Amsterdam. Ronald interviewed Miki on a few topics such as Design & Art and Nature & Technology.

Ronald is an experienced Designer, Art Director and Design Lecturer. His professional footsteps can be found in both The Netherlands and in China. Since 2015, he became the Chief Design of Shanghai Polytechnic University. Later on, following his experience and passion in observing the trends in good design, he persuaded his Chinese school dean to set up the 1st Trans-disciplinary Design Course among the universities in Shanghai. He also gave his design course a personal name: Ronald’s Design Salon 罗纳德设计沙龙.

During the outbreak of COVID-19 in Shanghai and later on in Amsterdam, the Design Salon moved online within no time. The school curriculum and the new methodology had a continuity and therefore kept students curious and challenged.

Part of Ronald’s Design Salon courses can be viewed online. The video where Miki was interviewed can be found here (from approx. 8’40 onwards).

Photo Credit: Ronald van de Cappelle


Ronald's Design Salon on Vimeo