F | F by Miki Dai
Where does Floating Feather come from?

A feather is so small yet useful. It is so light yet powerful. It does not sink in the water nor disappear in the sky. When it joins forces, it reaches very far places. It exists in the white North Pole and it can also be found in the glorious ancient empire.

The inspiration for the logo comes from the oracle character, 羽, which means Feather. In addition, 羽 can also be found in Miki Dai’s Chinese name, 翌.

What does Floating Feather do?

Floating Feather is a change agent and a platform for Sino-Dutch (European) arts and cultural projects where cross-disciplinary ideas are developed and integrated. It initiates & facilitates tailor-made collaborations between creative organisations, innovators, makers, creators and like-minded professionals. Floating Feather brings knowledge, resources and networks from China and Europe on board, it then transfers them into sensible exchanges and dialogues. Floating Feather’s projects aim at creating long-lasting relationships and sustainable growth with our strategic partners both online and offline.


Partner: Hannah McDonald

British illustrator and International PR Strategist

Hannah designs and makes hand-draw artwork. She tells stories inspired by creative, seasonal and slow living. She is also a co-Director of 5×15 Amsterdam’s launch in the city. Before Hannah started for herself, she was the Head of Global Marketing and Communications at an international creative agency based in London and in Amsterdam. She collaborated closely with clients such as Coca-Cola, BMW, Mini, Adidas and more. In the past 10 years, she has been working and living in Amsterdam.

Founder: Miki Dai
Miki Dai

A passionate trilingual cultural entrepreneur & Marketing Consultant

Miki has background in marketing, business & finance in international corporates in The Netherlands. She has been fostering arts & cultural dialogues and projects for the past few years in order to bring China & The Netherlands/Europe closer. Miki grew up in Shanghai. She moved to Amsterdam and U.S. for study. Miki has been working and living in Amsterdam for 17 years.