Multi-lingual communication often means transcreation and cultural adaptation. F|F’s creative process involves altering messages which are suitable for the target local market. At the same time maintain the original intent, tone, and style. The worth-spreading narratives land in the mass and social media in China (and in Europe sometimes).

In the MEDIA

Chinese New Year Celebration in The Netherlands

NPORadio1 Journal-25 Jan.19

07:00-08:00, from 07:48

The Small Town – A Modern Chinese Opera

Het Nieuws Blad

Gazet van Antwerp

Het Parool

China Times

International Canal Arts Festival in Beijing

Silk Road Media 新华社丝路

Renmin 人民日报

Today’s Headline App 今日头条

Art Exhibition in Shanghai

CGTN featuring ICS

Shanghai Fashion Channel (SMG) 

Kankan News

Kankan News article

China Youth Daily

Shanghai Bang

International Illustrations

Chao Culture

Floating Feather

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