Beijing International Canal Arts Festival

canal arts festival

Floating Feather curated the show Dutch Pavilion Floating Feather x Artists (荷兰人气馆 羽  x 艺术家 in Chinese) to showcase the diversity and creativity of the charming and international city of Amsterdam. Bringing design straight from the canal district, a vibrant part of Amsterdam’s art scene, with artwork representing the inherited and re-invented craftsmanship that this city cherishes. (The opening paragraph here and the photo are updated in 2020.)

Floating Feather is invited by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, to join the Beijing International Canal Arts Festival on the 2nd and 3rd October 2018, during the celebrated Golden Week. Hans van Koolwijk, Ruth Legg and Hannah McDonald form the Dutch Pavilion exhibiting in Beijing during this time.

Floating Feather will focus on both current and past stories that have inhabited the beautiful and historical Amsterdam canals. Featured in the show will be Ruth Legg’s contemporary video arts, alongside historic black and white photographs from Amsterdam City Archives, to be appreciated side by side by the local Beijing visitors.

The Dutch Pavilion Floating Feather x Artists will also be included in the official program of Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands during Beijing Design Week 2018.

Programs of the Dutch Pavilion Floating Feather x Artists

  • Sound Performance by Hans van Koolwijk
  • Sound Sculpture by Hans van Koolwijk
  • Pop-up Movie Theatre by Ruth Legg and Hans van Koolwijk
  • Amsterdam/Oxford Video Artist Presents by Ruth Legg
  • Workshop: Meet, Talk & Draw with Hannah McDonald Illustration
  • Feel Cities’ Heartbeats by Floating Feather
  • Dutch Goodie Bags by the team
  • Islam & China Influenced Dutch Ceramics & Fabrics by Ondertussen represented by Floating Feather


Photo Credit: Hans van Koolwijk
Photo Credit: Hannah McDonald

Photo Credit: Xinhua (Silk Road Media)

Participants & artists from Amsterdam, the Netherlands are

  • Hans van Koolwijk (NL) – Sound & Visual Artist
  • Hannah McDonald (NL/GB) – Illustrator and ex-Advertising Executive Producer and International PR Consultant
  • Ruth Legg (GB/NL) – Video & Sculpture Artist
  • Floating Feather (CN/NL) – Sino-Dutch Art & Culture Agency & Rep. of Stichting Ondertussen (Designer & Artist Collective)

There will also be more international participants which are Germany, Greece and Panama joining the festival.

Special thanks from Floating Feather x Artists to the Amsterdam City Archives who has given permission to include a selection of their historical images and materials within the show, to make our story richer and more complete than when we started our journey.

The entrance to the festival is free of charge. Feel welcome to greet to us in Tongzhou Culture Center during the 2nd and 3rd October. For more information please contact