new book Maria Lam

International Women’s Day 2021 – Role Model Maria Lam


Women Hold Up Half Sky. 妇女能顶半边天。 Today is International Women’s Day. We would like to take the moment to celebrate the role of women and encourage gender equality. OBA x Floating Feather | CN & NL Lab proudly publishes the interview with talented Maria Lam, a Dutch Chinese author on her new book, Bedtijd Verhalen voor Rebelse Meisjes – 100 Bijzondere Nederlandse Vrouwen, and her personal story. The interview is in Dutch and in English. Enjoy! Book Cover Bedtijd voor Verhalen Rebelse Meisjes,                                 […]

Pakhuis de Zwijger Meet Chinese Global Citizens

Transnational Amsterdam: Meet Chinese Global Citizens at Pakhuis de Zwijger


Pakhuis de Zwijger presented Transnational Amsterdam: Meet the Global Citizen, Amsterdam Chinese Community on 12 February 2020. Miki shared the stage with a few other China (-rooted) experts. VPRO documentary maker, photographer and journalist Ruben Terlou was interviewed about his documentary in-the-making. Chinese & Dutch author Yue Tao, Dutch Chinese designer Alice Wong and Founder Pan Asian Collective Hui-hui Pan shared their stories.

The Small Town – A Modern Chinese Theatre


First Modern Chinese opera debut in Europe on 23th April and 26th April 2019 Proudly announcing  our new project: the national award-winning Theatre & Xiqu performance (Huai Opera) The Small Town. 1st time showcasing its international version at DeLaMar Theater in Amsterdam & De Nieuwe Vrede in Antwerp in April! Read more & buy your tickects at China Arts Newspaper ★★★★★ “This modern Huai Opera accented the characters with ‘thick and heavy Chinese ink colours’… This performance is like a ballad with Chinese virtues and core socialist values & characteristics…”

canal arts festival

Beijing International Canal Arts Festival


Floating Feather curated the show Dutch Pavilion Floating Feather x Artists (荷兰人气馆 羽  x 艺术家 in Chinese) to showcase the diversity and creativity of the charming and international city of Amsterdam. Bringing design straight from the canal district, a vibrant part of Amsterdam’s art scene, with artwork representing the inherited and re-invented craftsmanship that this city cherishes. (The opening paragraph here and the photo are updated in 2020.)

私访荷兰最新私人美术馆系列一: 一个不愿被暴露在大众面前的荷兰私人收藏家


Delden,一个在荷兰东部的小城,开车再向东开15分钟左右就会到达德意志共和国了。这个平时平静得被荷兰人都忽略的地方,在过去的一年里,似乎有些不太“安宁”。 一个全新的私人美术馆正在紧张筹备中,Museum No Hero(中文直译:无英雄美术馆),一个似乎与这个小城不太匹配的时髦又冷酷的名字将会成为这个三百多年建筑的新身份,还有那些蠢蠢欲动的艺术品们。这个背负着五个世纪与五大洲艺术品,讲诉这这个博物馆长希尔特·斯坦恩麦尔的私人旅程的圣地,即将在今年四月中旬向大众开放。这也是在这几年里,第三个在荷兰(即将)开业的不靠政府资助,自负盈亏的私人美术馆。

Chinese new year

An introduction to Chinese Kun Opera


To celebrate International Women’s Day, the Embassy of China in the Netherlands and China Cultural Center Den Haag hosted a special event about Chinese Kun Opera for a group of international women. The beautiful photo exhibition on Kun Opera will last till the end of March 2018. I was honored to give a special guided tour and like to share a brief overview of Kun Opera with you in this article.