Kevin Kwan’s new book launch and Film Crazy Rich Asians


CRTV (Hong Tong Wu and Miki Dai) attended the book launch of Kevin Kwan (关凯文) at Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam. Kevin Kwan was mentioned as the ‘5 Most Powerful Authors to watch‘ by Hollywood Reporter Magazine in 2016. Next year, The Hunger Games’ producer Nina Jacobson’s Color Force will present a historical full Asian-Cast film ‘Crazy Rich Asians‘ (based on the same title by Kevin Kwan) in Hollywood with the distribution partner, Warner Brothers. Read the Chinese article and listen to the interview in English on  

The summer of 2017, Shanghai


Cashless Payment: WeChat Pay v.s. AliPay 无现金支付 WeChat Pay and Alipay are the two dominant mobile payment players in China. Mobile payment replaced cash or bank card payment about two years ago throughout 1st and 2nd-tier cities in China. It has been accepted widely from breakfast vendors on the street to international unisex casual-wear brands, Uniqlo. WeChat Pay, owned by Tencent, supports transfers on both ways. An individual can also receive money from other contacts or pay for the sharing bike rental fee from OfO (Xiao Huang Che) after scanning the QR code on the bike. According to Tencent, Alipay which is owned by Alibaba Group, lost his dominance in […]

TangGuo in Europe

Will TangGuo 棠果 succeed AirBNB and


More and more young, high educated Chinese tourists are visiting the Netherlands. Not in large groups, but travelling individually and off the beaten path. More over, it is expected that within 5 years over half a million Chineses tourists will visit the Netherlands yearly. Tangguo, a online travel platform with over 3.5 million members already, sees this trend as well and recently opened their first European office in The Hague. At a grand ceremony in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, Tangguo presented their plans for the future. Miki Dai interviewed the CEO of Tangguo, Dongzhe Jin, and one of the investors, Jungqing […]

We Are Public Miki Dai

Cultural Optimist: We Are Public Marketing Campaign


Miki proudly participated in the creative photo shoot for We Are Public as a ‘Cultural Optimist’. The photo is part of a nation-wide marketing campaign in The Netherlands. We Are Public is a cultural membership pass which allows the members to get unlimited access to the best art & culture in some Dutch cities with a monthly contribution of  € 15. The big part of the contribution goes to the artists directly. We Are Public is born in Amsterdam in 2015. Soon after it became active in Den Haag. And in May, Tilburg, Eindhoven, Den Bosch, Breda and Helmond participated in this initiative. The […]

Overnieuw Healt Care Innovation in Shanghai

Health Care Innovation in Shanghai


China is facing huge challenges in health care the coming years. In 2040 there will be more than 400 million elderly people over 60. That’s why China is interested in the success stories of the Dutch health care system. At the same time, Holland can learn from China in the way families and local communities are involved in taking care of the elderly. Floating Feather connected Over/Nieuw, a Dutch innovative health care organisation, with a Shanghainese health care innovator and arranged an exchange visit. Read more about this project at

Miki Dai at Groningen Confucius Institute

Groningen Confucius Institute celebrates Chinese New Year

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Groningen Confucius Institute (GCI) successfully held a Chinese New Year celebration on Feb 2, 2017 in A’Dam Toren, a landmark building in Amsterdam. The celebration featured traditional Chinese dancing, household songs and various other exciting performances. The celebration also witnessed the signing ceremony of the strategic partnership between GCI and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) Amsterdam branch. Around 200 guests from different cultural backgrounds merrily joined the celebration. Miki Dai was honored to perform the beautiful song The Love From Your Eye at this special occasion. Please click here to find out more about the Groningen Confucius Institute. […]

Build a bridge between China and Holland

Building bridges between China and Holland

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Nanette Sibbinga of the ‘Dertigersclub’ interviewed Miki Dai about her life in the Netherlands and her ambitions to help businesses and creative people to enter the Chinese market. “Miki Dai (35) was nog eerder dan ik in de Westerwijnfabriek, terwijl ik al 10 minuten te vroeg was. Ze kijkt me vriendelijk aan en lacht breed als ik me voorstel. We kennen elkaar niet, maar een gemeenschappelijk contact stelde ons aan elkaar voor. Miki, uit Shangai, over haar komst naar Nederland en het dertigersdilemma.”  Read the full interview at


Shenzhen: the incubator of global innovation


In December 2016, the two-day conference ThingsCon was held in Amsterdam. The event attracted experts on the Internet of Things (IoT), software developers, (industrial) designers, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts from all over Europe. David Li, the founder of the Shenzen Open Innovation Lab, was invited to give a lively lecture. David showed an interesting tour through Shenzhen, the world’s largest hardware production city: from the crazy electronic components street market, the explosive growth of the balance car, to France’s second-largest smartphone sales company Wiko. CRTV had the privilege of an exclusive interview with the person walking ahead of the new waves of the IoT […]