Five Interviews with Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritors in China Cultural Center Den Haag

On the 19th of February 2018, China Cultural Center Den Haag welcomes 130 visitors and special guests. The programs consists of 5 Intangible Cultural Heritage workshops, food and drinks, speeches and one China-themed performance.

Chinese New Year is the MOST important festival in China which is accompanied by dragon dances, Dumpling/Jiaozi Making, CCTV Gala, decorative paper-cutting, fireworks and more. Each region, province or family has its own traditions and beliefs around how the Lunar new year should be celebrated. Great food, temple visit, Lantern Festival visit and family visit are what many Chinese people do during the golden week in January or February.

Invitation & Programs China Cultural Center Den Haag

Miki had the honor to interview these five inheritors who are i.e. the fifth generation of a master for one specific art form/technique. What are the 5 Intangible Cultural Heritages? What makes these particular forms of art interesting? What are the history behind them?

5 videos will be released soon… It is a collaboration with China Cultural Center Den Haag and Moments4Us. We also extend our appreciation to Aitao and Jiangsu Province, China.